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TRPs are requested to upload details of returns filed for current month against declaration made in the Resource Centre. This is mandatory for all TRPs. For any queries, please contact TRPS Helpdesk at 1800-102-3738 (Toll Free), 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Tax Return Preparer Scheme

Tax Return Preparer Scheme seeks to assist small and marginal taxpayers in preparing and filing their tax returns by creating a legion of ‘Tax Return Preparers’ (TRPs). It was conceptualized by the Income Tax Department (ITD) and launched in 2006-07.


  •   Pavan Kumar Tirumareddy UID: T003003707

    I am thankful and all for being chosen as the Star TRP. This was only possible because of my clients who trusted me and gave me chance to serve them. My family, friends and team supported me all time. A lot of people from all over India have congratulated me on the distinction confirmed on me. Some want to know “How to become a TRP” and some asked me guidance in their TRP Career. It is great feeling to interact with them. I really thank Income-Tax Department and NIIT for their constant support.

    I wish the TRP Scheme all the best so that this scheme can provide many unemployed youth of our country chance to be successful like my self.

    Pavan Kumar Tirumareddy
    TRP ID: T003003707

  •   Chandra Prakash Govil UID: T085001907

    I am thankful to Income Tax Department for introducing the scheme of Tax return preparers in 2006-07. I have done M.B.A and am working as Tax return preparer because I think that there is a lot of opportunity and scope in this scheme.

    My area of working is Lucknow. I have focused on the small and marginal taxpayer. Besides filing the Income Tax returns, I assist individuals in financial planning, Income Tax Consultancy and other Income Tax related matters. I try to offer the best quality service to my clients until they are fully satisfied. I say to my clients to “Pay Tax in time and karo relax every time “. Now more and more taxpayers want to get their ITRs filed through certified TRPs.  Lastly, I would like to thank each and every person who is helping in making this TRP scheme a popular one.

    Chandra Prakash Govil 
    TRP ID: T085001907

  •   Roopa V Venkatesh UID: T004102812

    I feel happy to have qualified as a TRP from Bangalore culminating in my being a star TRP for the continuous months of July – Aug 2013. I am very thankful to Income Tax Department for providing me such a wonderful platform. The Scheme provides an opportunity to educate common people about Tax Related Matters and helping them in filling the Returns. Initially I started performing my Friends and colleagues about TRP scheme and myself having qualified as a TRP. I have filed the Income Tax Returns for the AY-2013-14 manually and electronically with the help of the department.

    I would like to profusely thank all those persons who contributed to my success.   

    Roopa V Venkatesh 
    TRP ID: T004102812

  •   Sreenivasa Reddy S UID: T002000107

    The first step I took was to inform all my friends, colleagues and neighbours about myself as a TRP and what this service is all about.  I distributed pamphlets informing general public about the scheme. I did this near all commercial and IT hubs, places where more number of people converge during their break times.

    Like every service or business, beginning is always bumpy but I never lost courage and just went ahead with my decision.

    First year, I filed only an odd 200 returns but with my continuous good service, I crossed the 1400 mark the very next year and now controlling a client base of over and above 2200.


    Sreenivasa Reddy S
    TRP ID: T002000107


    I am thankful to the TRP Scheme for providing this platform for serving people on taxation related matters. I have filed 1639 income tax returns during the AY 2009-10 so far apart from 5 eTDS returns and 3 Service Tax returns. I owe my thanks to my associates SHIVA KUMAR, RAMESH and many other fellow TRPs in Hyderabad for their continuous guidance and support.

    Back to 2007 when the TRP SCHEME was introduced I have limited my services only on Income tax returns filings, since I realised that there are many tax related services that can be offered, I started services like eTDS filing and Service Tax filing much before the STRP and eTDS were introduced by the TRP scheme. We feel honoured that subsequently the Scheme included Service Tax and eTDS also. I would like to thank one and all contributed to my success.

    I promise that I would continue to deliver quality services and see that TRP Scheme a Big Success

    Thanks and Regards
    UID: T001000807

  •   Shiva Kumar Uppula UID: T002002307

    I feel so happy for being declared as a successful TRP from Hyderabad. I share following few lines regarding my success with you. I had filed 812 Income tax returns for Assessment Year 2009-10, 25 Service tax registrations and 8 Service tax returns, manually and electronically. I had given priority in quality in documentation and filing tax returns rather than the number of returns in my work.

    I have been endeavoring in getting fresh clients i.e. who files the tax return for the first time and also I explain the benefits of filing tax returns to non-filers and stop-filers and get them motivated to file the returns.

    I have been attending to the Re-fresher classes regularly and various seminars organized by the Income tax Department and update my knowledge time to time.

    I had availed the loan given exclusively to TRPs under Canara Guide from Canara Bank. Apart from taxation work I have also been doing Firm registrations and Accounting services to various clients.

    Now I am planning to organize meetings and awareness programmes to general public by giving various suggestions and tax planning with support from my TRP colleagues and local Income tax Department. This year I am trying to add more clients on e-tds and Service tax.


    Thanks and Regards
    Shiva Kumar Uppula

Star TRP of The Month

  •   Karunakar Tripathi
    April 2016
    TRP ID : T009000612
    Mobile : 9389360636
    CCIT : Lucknow

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